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Website Integration - CSV


If it is not possible to integrate your website via the gateway or by direct API integration, and you have the functionality on your website to export and import CSV files it is possible to set Linnworks to automatically import and export CSV or comma delimited files into Linnworks.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values, these files are exported by Linnworks and can be exported automatically to a directory or be uploaded via ftp. These files need to be in UTF-8 format to be imported into Linnworks.

Importing information into Linnworks

Linnworks can import files my three methods; from a local location, ftp or url. These can be imported when Linnworks syncs via the Data Import tool found in Settings -> Import / Export Automation.

The ideal setup would be to configure your website to export files into a directory on your web server at regular intervals, for example every 15 minutes. Then set Linnworks to either get the file by URL or by ftp.

Then set Linnworks to automatically look at the url or ftp and get the new information.

If automatic generation of a CSV or TXT file is not possible then exporting a file to a local directory and then setting Linnworks to automatically import the file.

Importing Orders – Multiple Items

If there are multiple order items in an order duplicate the order line when the file is created and provide the information of the additional items. Linnworks will then use the order id to group these items.

Note: It is not suggested to import stock from your website into Linnworks.

Exporting information into Linnworks

Linnworks can export information in two methods; to a Local directory or to ftp. This can be done when Linnworks syncs via the Data Export tool found in Settings -> Automation -> System Interfacing

The ideal would be for your website to regularly look for the exported file from Linnworks on the ftp location and then delete the file once imported in to the website. If the file isn't delete then there may be risk of overwriting information that has already been imported.

The suggested exports from Linnworks into your website are:

  • Stock quantities
  • Shipping information and tracking numbers

Expressions when Importing and Exporting Data

Expressions can be used when importing and exporting data, for more information on expressions visit the Expressions Documentation