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Overview is a Polish marketplace. Similar to eBay, sellers can select to auction and/or sell their items at a fixed price. Allegro currently has over 12.5 million registered users, stretching across their 75 sites. This integration is solely for the Polish site. 


1. An Allegro Seller account.
2. Api Access


Quick Guide

Here's the quick version of the instructions, for those that are already comfortable with performing such installations. If you require full instructions please refer to the Detailed Guide.

1. Click on Settings -> Channel Integration -> Add New Channel.
2. Select Allegro from the list, and click "Integrate".
3. Input the SubSource, Username, Password, API Key, API Key Version and Default Currency values.
4. Click on the "Test" button to ensure that the setup process is valid.
5. Click on Save to complete the setup of the Allegro Integration.

Detailed Guide

Here’s the full step by step instructions to setting Allegro with Linnworks. The steps have been broken down into the same sequence used in the Quick Guide.

1.   Click on Settings -> Channel Integration -> Add New Channel. Fig 1.1

  • On Linnworks, click on Settings.
  • Click on Channel Integration.
  • Click on the "Add New Channel" button on the top right hand side of the screen.
Fig 1.1 Settings

2.   Select Allegro from the list, and click "Integrate". Fig 2.1

  • On the Add New Channel screen, click integrate for Allegro.
Fig 2.1 Integrate

3.   On the Integration screen (Fig 3.1), enter the following information:

  • SubSource - The name you would like the channel to appear as in Linnworks, for example: MyAllegroChannel
  • Username - Your username
  • Password - Your password
  • Api Key - Your Allegro Api key
  • Api Key Version - Your Api key version
  • Default Currency - The default order/channel currency.

Please see the config options explained after this guide.

Fig 3.1 Config


4.   Click on the "Test" button to ensure that the setup process is valid. Fig 4.1

  • If everything is okay, then the message box will prompt with "OK", otherwise, review the error message and try again.
Fig 4.1 Integrate

5.   Click on Save to complete the setup of the Allegro Integration. Fig 5.1

  • The save button is located on the top right hand corner of the Config screen.
Fig 5.1 Integrate

Getting Api access

  • Log in to your account. 
  • Click on Moje Konto (My Account)
Fig 5.1 Integrate

  • Under the Web API tab, click on Informacje ustawienia ()
Fig 5.1 Integrate
  • You will then see your API key and Key version
Fig 5.1 Integrate

Config Options

Enabled - Check to enable the channel
Inventory Sync - Check to enable inventory sync
Inventory Update From Location- Update stock levels from a specific location. Leave this unticked to sync inventory from all locations.
Sunbmit Tracking Info- Linnworks will push any tracking numbers to Allegro. Note Allegro validates tracking numbers, so only valid tracking numbers can be submit.
Api Key Version- The key version supplied by allegro (see below)
Sync Orders From- Set by Linnworks but can be changed to sync orders from previous dates
Relist Items-If Linnworks ends a listing because the stock level reached zero. Linnworks will attempt to relist the item if it comes back into stock within 60 days. A listing can be stricken off in the inventory mapping screen.
EndListings - If an item goes out of stock, Linnworks will end the listing if this option is checked. The ended listing will move into pending relist
No Manual Confirmation- On sync, Linnworks will present a screen asking for confirmation of listings to end and to relist. By checking this option, Linnworks will relist and/or end listings without the need for this confirmation screen.
Relist Listing Duration- How long items that Linnworks relists will be listed for
Relist Listing delay- Linnworks can set a listing start delay for relists.
End Auctions- Check if you would like Linnworks to end auction listings
End Auctions with bids- If an auction listing has a live bid, ending the listing will award the bidder the winning bid. Therefore, an order will be created on Allegro for this item.
Link Order Item to Stock Item By Title- Allegro uses listing ids to identify products. This can result in the listing id changing on relist which means it is advisable to link items by the title.