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Amazon Inventory Mapping


The Inventory Mapping tool allows you to link the listings on your Amazon channel to the inventory items you have configured in Linnworks, so that orders, when downloaded, are connected to the appropriate SKUs and stock levels are updated correctly.

Accessing the Mapping Screen

Use the following steps to open the 'Inventory Mapping tool' for an Amazon Channel

  • 1. Click Settings (Fig 1.1)
  • 2. Click Channel Integration (Fig 1.2)
  • 3. Click Mapping for the required Amazon channel(Fig 1.3)
Fig 1.1 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.2 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.3 EPOS Start Menu
  • 4. The mapping screen will be displayed showing the links between Listings and Inventory Items (Fig 2.1)
  • 5. Amazon works using reports to provide the active listings
    • When the mapping screen is opened Linnworks checks to see if a report is available
    • If no report is available a request is made and a message is displayed (Fig 2.2)
    • The report usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to be generated by Amazon
    • This will require the mapping screen to be closed and reopened later to retrieve the new report
Fig 2.1 EPOS Start Menu Fig 2.2 EPOS Start Menu 

The Mapping Screen in Detail

The items on the screen are detailed below:

Account Id and Account Name

Taken from the Channel Integration you have setup.

Total Active, Linked and Unlinked

Summarises the number of listings in this Amazon account, how many are currently linked to Linnworks Inventory Items, and how many remain unlinked.

Force Update


To only be used if recommended by Technical Support. This will resubmit inventory levels to Amazon for all listings that are linked to Linnworks Inventory Items. Excessive use of this feature can incur throttling of the account by Amazon.

Re-request Report


If you have setup new listings or adjusted existing ones on your Amazon Account, but they are not shown in the Inventory Mapping tool, click on this button to request a fresh report from Amazon with the most recent data in. This will ask you to confirm you wish to request a report:


After answering 'Yes', you will be notified if the report has been scheduled by Amazon, but is not ready yet. Select 'OK', and close the mapping tool. You need to reopen it after a period, possibly up to 10 or 15 minutes if there is a heavy load on Amazon's Servers.

Main Panel

The headings in this section are as follows:

FBA:If this is ticked, the item is setup to be fulfilled by the 'Fullfilment by Amazon' service.

Ignore Sync: If this is ticked, the item won't accept stock level updates when the chanel Sync is run.

Amazon SKU:This is the SKU code received from Amazon for the item in this listing.

Title:This is the title of the Amazon Listing.

Linked Item:This will hold the detail of the Linnworks Stock Item (if any) which has been linked to the Amazon Listing on this row. See below for further details on how to do this.

Search Panel


This pane is used to search the Linnworks inventory by SKU for items to link to the Amazon Listings in the Main Panel. If you type an SKU or partial SKU in the box at the top, then search matches will be shown underneath.

Linking an Amazon Listing to a Linnworks Inventory Item

1. Use the search box at the top of the Search Panel to enter an SKU or partial SKU, then hit Enter on the keyboard to search the Linnworks Inventory for it. Results will be shown underneath.


2. Select the appropriate row for the listing you want to link in the Main Pane.

3. Double click the search result in the right-hand Search pane you want to link to the listing highlighted in the Main Pane. this will then populate the 'Linked Item' cell with the details of the selected Linnworks inventory item.

Unlinking an Amazon Listing from a Linnworks inventory item

1. Right click the chosen Amazon listing in the Main Pane.


2. Select 'Unlink' from the menu.

Create a new stock item in Linnworks from an Amazon Listing

1. Right click the chosen Amazon listing in the Main Pane.

2. Select the option to 'Create New Stock Item'.

3. This will create a new Inventory item, and link it to this listing.

Linnworks will create the new Inventory item with the following properties

  • Linnworks SKU = Amazon SKU
  • Linnworks Title = Amazon Title
  • Linnworks Purchase Price = 0
  • Linnworks Retail Price = Amazon Retail Price
  • Linnworks Description = ""
  • Linnworks Weight = 0
  • Linnworks Tax Rate = -1 (Use System Default)
  • Linnworks Stock Level = Amzon Stock Level (in the Linnworks Location defined in Settings > Applications Settings > My Location)

Link All by SKU


If you have SKUs on your Amazon Listings that are the same as the SKUs in your Linnworks Inventory, you can use this option in the right click menu to instruct Linnworks to create a link between the listings and inventory items that match.

Create all

This will direct Linnworks to create new Inventory items for all the listings not currently linked to an inventory item.


Show Sync Status


Adds extra columns (UpdateDate, LastUpdate, Qty) to display details of the update of stock levels to the channel for Linked items.

Export Mapping


Exports the current listings and mappings as a CSV. Asks for confirmation before you can proceed. Asks you to specify a location and file name, then to select which fields to include in that file (Lefthand column, tickboxes filled indicate field will be included, if empty, field is not exported.).


Import Mapping


Imports listing/mapping information from an external CSV. Asks for confirmation before continuing. Select the import file, and 'Open'. The following screen allows you to select which fields to import, and what they should be mapped to. (Lefthand column has tickboxes, If box is ticked, column will be imported, if empty column will not be. Right hand column allows you to select which field to map the column to, as a dropdown selection list).