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Database Backup [Local]

Linnworks Local is no longer provided as a solution for new customers from July 8th, 2013.

We will be ending our support of the Linnworks Local on January 31st, 2015. Read more.

Please refer to the following documentation for Linnworks Anywhere

The Backup function lets you create a back up of your Linnworks SQL database in a specified location. Creating a backup helps protect you in the event of a system crash or if you simply wish to revert to a previous database instance. Normal backup guidelines should be followed and so it is recommended to back up your database once a week to a location different to where the original is stored.

To back up the database select a backup location using the file navigator at the top of the screen to define where you want the database to back up to.

Once you have chosen a location simply click the Backup Database button to create a backup file in the set location.