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Cdiscount Inventory Mapping


The Inventory Mapping tool allows you to create a link between your Linnworks Inventory items and your product listings on Cdiscount. It can also control your maximum and minimum listed quantities for each listing. 

Opening the Cdiscount Mapping Screen

Use the following steps to open the Inventory Mapping tool for a Cdiscount channel

  • 1. Click Settings (Fig 1.1)
  • 2. Click Channel Integration (Fig 1.2)
  • 3. Click Mapping next to the required Cdiscount Channel (Fig 1.3)
Fig 1.1 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.2 EPOS Start Menu Fig 1.3Mapping  

The Mapping Screen in Detail

The mapping screen allows you to create, change or break links between listings on Cdiscount and items in your Linnworks inventory. It also gives you access to some advanced functions for controlling how Linnworks updates available stock levels for the listings.

Site name

This allows you to confirm the Cdiscount site you are currently controlling the mapping for Site Name


This summarises how many listings the Cdiscount reports are active, and how many have already been linked/need to be linked. Listings

Import Min/Max Quantities

This feature allows you to use a file to specify the minimum and/or maximum quantities used by the integration on a per listing basis.

Import Min/Max Quantities

Request Inventory Mapping

If you have recently added more items to your Cdiscount store and they’re not showing up in the mapping screen, this will request an updated report, rather than waiting for the scheduled download.

Request Inventory Mapping

Listing table headings


Is listing active on Cdiscount currently.


The SKU specified in the Cdiscount listing

Cdiscount Product Id

Unique Product ID on Cdiscount.

Linked To

The Linnworks SKU that is linked to this Cdiscount listing.


What is the Search Panel?

The Search Panel, located to the right of the screen, allows you to search for items in the Linnworks inventory. These can then be linked to the appropriate listing(s) on Cdiscount to enable listing control and stock level updates by Linnworks. Search.png

Listing Table Menu Actions

Show Extended Info

Additional information columns can be added to the listing report. By right-clicking on the list and selecting 'Show Extended Info' you can include further information, including:

  • When a listing was last updated
  • Confirmation of update being accepted by the channel.
  • Max listed quantity specified per listing.

How can I link a Cdiscount Listing to a Linnworks Inventory Item

Link All By SKU You can ask Linnworks to link the listings on Cdiscount to the Inventory items in Linnworks where the SKUs match automatically - This is, of course, only an option where you have made sure that both are using the same SKUs!

Quick Guide

1. Open the Mapping tool for your Cdiscount channel integration.
2. Select 'Link all by SKU' from the right click menu.
3. Wait for the system to complete linking. Check how many have been linked, and how many remain to be linked.

Detailed Guide

1. Open the Mapping Tool for your Cdiscount channel.

1.1. Click Settings (Fig 2.1)

1.2. Click Channel Integration (Fig 2.2)

1.3. Click Mapping next to the required Cdiscount Channel (Fig 2.3)

Fig 2.1 EPOS Start Menu Fig 2.2 EPOS Start Menu Fig 2.3Mapping  

 2. Select 'Link all by SKU' from the right click menu.

2.1 Right click the listings report to open the menu. (Fig 3.1)

2.2 Select 'Link All by SKU' to initiate the linking. (Fig 3.2)

 Fig 3.1 Right Click Menu Fig 3.2Link All

 3. Wait for the system to complete linking. Check how many have been linked, and how many remain to be linked.

3.1 After the Linking is complete, the 'Linked' and 'Unlinked' quantities will update. (Fig 4.1)

3.2 If the 'Unlinked' value is greter than 0, you can check which items remain to be linked because they don't have a matching SKU in the Linnworks inventory.

3.3 You can check which these are by resorting the listings based on what they are linked to. Do this by clicking on the 'Linked To' heading. (Fig 4.2)

 Fig 4.1 Linked Unlinked 

Fig 4.2 Linked To

How do I manually Link a Cdiscount Listing to a Linnworks Inventory Item?

1. Select the Cdiscount listing to be linked with the Left Mouse Button. (Fig 5.1) Fig 5.1 
2. Use the Search Box to find the Linnworks item to link by searching for the SKU. (Fig 6.1) Fig 6.1 Search
3. Double Click the Linnworks item in the search results to link it to the highlighted listing. (Fig 7.1)  Fig 7.1 Linked.png

How do I unlink Linnworks Inventory items from Cdiscount listings?

If you have incorrectly linked an item (Manually or Automatically), or have had a stock reorganisation and want to link a listing to a different inventory item, you should start by unlinking it. Please note you cannot unlink a listing if it is not Active (the box to the left of it is not ticked).

1. Right click the listing entry. (Fig 8.1) Fig 8.1 Menu.png
2. Select 'Unlink' to break the link. (Fig 9.1) Fig 9.1 UnLinkMenu.png
3. The 'Linked To' field should now be empty.  


Once a listing has been unlinked, no inventory updates will be passed to it until it has been linked to another Linnworks inventory item.