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Add New Integration


This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate Cdiscount Accounts with Linnworks. 

Quick Guide

1. Retrieve your API credentials from Cdiscount.

2. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration.

3. Click on Add New Channel -> Select Integrate next to CDiscount.

4. Enter your API Credentials and click Create.

5. Click on the Config button next to the newly created Cdiscount channel.

6. Click on the Allocate button to map the shipping methods.

7. Click Save.

Detailed Guide

1. Retrieve your API Credentials from Cdiscount.

  • Go to, login and browse to your API credentials. 
  • If you are unsure where to find your API credentials, please contact Cdiscount directly for assistance.

2. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration.

  • Login to Linnworks.
  • Select the Settings tab at the top of the screen. Fig 2.1
  • Select Channel Integration. Fig 2.2
Fig 2.1  Settings Fig 2.2  Settings

3. Click on Add New Channel -> Select Integrate next to Cdiscount.

  • Click on the Add New Channel button. Fig 3.1
  • Click on the Integrate button next to the Cdiscount logo. Fig 3.2
Fig 3.1  Add New Channel Fig 3.2  Integrate

4. Enter your API credentials and click Create.

  • Specify a name to reference the account into the 'Account Name' field and paste the API credentials gained in Step 1. Fig 4.1
  • Click Create. Fig 4.2
Fig 4.1  Account Name Fig 4.2  Create

5. Click on the Config button next to the newly created Cdiscount channel.

  • Mark as despatched
    • If this is ticked Linnworks will send Order Processed, Tracking number and selected shipping service to Cdiscount once an order is marked as processed within Linnworks.
  • Automatically Accept orders
    • If this is ticked Linnworks will automatically accept orders. They will be marked as accepted on the channel before being saved in Linnworks
  • Last Order Sync [UTC]
    • Last known date of order update. Linnworks will download order updates from this point (Universal Time format). Only change this value if advised to by Linn Systems Technical Support.
Fig 5.1  ConfigFig 5.2  Order

6. Click on the Allocate button to map the shipping methods.

  • Click on the Allocate button under the Shipping header Fig 6.1
    • Map your postal services on Linnworks to the tags Cdiscount utilises. Fig 6.2
      • Registered (REG)
      • Standard (STD)
      • Tracked (TRK)
NOTE: Cdiscount require Tracking numbers to be submitted when the buyer has selected either the Registered Or Tracked service. If there is no Tracking Number submitted the Despatch Notification will be rejected and the order will not be updated as shipped on Cdiscount. To ensure a Tracking number is generated an appropriate Linnworks Postal Service Method must be used when generating the Shipping label
Fig 6.1  Allocate Fig 6.2  Map Services

7. Click Save.

  • Click Save to finishing setting up the Cdiscount Channel Integration. Fig 7.1
Fig 7.1  Save Config

Inventory Mapping

Information on mapping listings on Cdiscount to inventory items in Linnworks to keep stock levels in sync can be found in the following guide.