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Configuring Tesco Integration

    Configuring Tesco Integration

    Once you have set up your Tesco account to work with Linnworks it will appear in the list of channels on the Channel Integration screen. From here you can enable / disable integration and inventory sync for each individual channel as well as access configuration and inventory mapping tools.


    To enable / disable individual channel integration within Linnworks, simply click the small circle in the Enabled column that corresponds to the channel you wish to alter. A green light means that the channel is enabled in Linnworks, while a red light denotes that it is disabled.

    Inventory Sync

    The same process applies to the Inventory Sync function, clicking a circle will toggle between enabled and disabled for the specified channel. A green light means that the Linnworks will sync inventory with this channel while a red light indicates that it will not.


    • Clicking the Config button for a specified channel will bring up the Account Config menu for that channel.
    Fig 1.1 
    This screen has the following options:  


    • Mark as despatched – If this is ticked Linnworks will inform Tesco when an order has been dispatched and the selected shipping service.
    • Last Order Sync (UTC) - The time displayed in this field is the last time Linnworks downloaded orders from Tesco. You can revert this to a previous time/date to download historic orders.


    • Direct Shipping and Click and Collect - In this screen you will need to map the various Tesco shipping service options to your configured shipping services within Linnworks.


    • Update Inventory - If ticked, Linnworks will be updating your available stock levels on Tesco. If no stock is left the listing will be temporarily removed. If you have stock the Available quantity on the listing will be updated. If the listing ended and you get more stock in, Tesco will reslist the item.
    • Update Inventory from Locations -This field specifies where stock should be taken from for Tesco orders.
    • Default Max Listed Quantity - This is the maximum stock quantity that Linnworks should list on Tesco.
    • Default Max Listing percentage - This is the maximum percentage of your stock quantity that Linnworks should list on Tesco.
    • Default End When Quantity - This is the minimum amount of stock you must have for the item to be listed on Tesco.