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Listing (non-variant) products on Magento

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When submitting listings to Magento, LinnLive creates a separate template for each listing. Configurator defines what information will be used in the template and the listing. Template has to be confirmed and only then item will be listed in the store.


Quick Guide

    1. Find and highlight items to be listed;

    2. Select configurator;

    3. Review templates for the listings;

    4. Confirm creation of the listings.


Detailed Guide

    1.Find and Highlight Items to be Listed

    1.1 Locate the item on Inventory screen. Use one of the following methods:

    a) Use Search field to find items. Read more about Search here;

    b) Get whole category of items by selecting the required category from the Category drop-down box;

    c) Get items that are not listed on the channel by selecting Not Listed *Channel Name* from the Mode drop-down box;

    1.2 Click the item you are about to list. To select multiple items, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the items to be listed.


2. Select Configurator

    2.1 Having the products selected right-click under the Channel Name;

    2.2 Select Create Listings;

    2.3 Select the required configurator from the list (Fig. 2.1).

  Fig 2.1 

3. Review Templates for the Listings

Templates for all items that have been selected in the Inventory screen will be created and displayed in the Listings screen (Fig. 3.1). 

    3.1 Make sure item SKU, Title, Price and Description are entered correctly. Read more about Description editor here;
    3.2 Click the button in the Images column to verify images that have been selected for the listing:

    a) Click Load new images from Linnworks button to download newer images from Linnworks to refresh the screen (Fig. 3.2);

    b) Use Upload New Image option to upload new images from the computer or a website (Fig. 3.3);

    c) In the Label field enter a descriptive Label for the image. This text will appear on mouseover;

    d) Use Base radio button to set the main image for the listing;

    e) Use Thumbnail radio button to select a thumbnail for the product;

    f) Untick the image, if you do not want it to be displayed in the listing;

    3.3 Click the button in the Category column to verify categories that have been selected for the listing. To deselect a category, tick the box in the Selected column;

    3.4 Click the button in the Attributes column to verify specifications that have been picked up for the listing;

    3.5 Click the button in the Related Products column to verify IDs of the up-sells, cross-sells and/or related products:

    - To remove the up-sells/cross-sells and/or related products, click on the red "-" button against the required Id;

    - To add up-sells/cross-sells and/or related products to the listing, use the green "+" button next to the required product Id;

    - If required, use the Search field located at the top of the window to look for the available up-sells/cross-sells and/or related products. Search can be performed by the product name only;

    3.6 Untick box in the Enabled column in order to make the listing invisible in Magento frontend.

  Fig 3.1   Fig 3.2   Fig 3.3 

4. Confirm Creation of the Listings

Listings can be created one-by-one or in bulk. When creating listings in bulk, listings are added to a batch process. In this case 20 listings are created every 5 minutes. LinnLive has to be open until all the listings have been created. After successful/unsuccessful submission of the listings, the Magento listing screen will display Status as OK or Errors (Fig. 4.1). If there was an error, it can be viewed by clicking the Errors button in the Status cell.


    4.1 To create multiple listings one-by-one, click Create button next to each listing;

    4.2 To bulk create all listings, select all the templates using Ctrl + A buttons on the keyboard and click Process Selected button at the top. 

  Fig 4.1 

Videos and Files

Magento Listings - creating and managing product listing on Magento from LinnLive

In this video we demonstrate how to enable LinnLive extension for Magento and post new listings to it from LinnLive2.