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Linnworks - Customer Success Stories

Here you can read about the challenges and experiences faced by our valuable clients, and see how Linnworks Order Management and Stock Control system has been able to help them in achieving their business goals.

TTfone - Humble Beginnings

“Changing the software your business relies on seems like a big step, but with Linnworks the benefits we’ve gained and the time and money saved are such that I can’t imagine how we ever did without it!”

Starting with a shop offering video rentals in 1985 opened by his father, Ravi helped from 1999 at the now retail shop, and started the business selling online in 2006. Currently turning over £2.5million with 5 staff, Ravi is a big fan of Linnworks, and the benefits it has brought to his business.

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Grim Goblin/Warboar - Small businesses need not stay small

Established as a casual online sales business in 2013, Grim Goblin soon became the owner's main job. With a new partner, retail location and further growth to come, Jason Grimwood discusses how Linnworks has helped his business grow so fast.

“Selling online as a hobby can quickly become a way of life. One more listing becomes 10, and those all important customer satisfaction ratings can force you to choose where you want to take things”

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DFS – No matter how big, we all need new markets and opportunities.

With a successful website and 99 stores across the UK, they were interested in looking at options to expand their sales to value conscious consumers most notably through online marketplaces. eBay was the natural starting place. We talked to Alex Lyle, DFS eBay store manager about Linnworks.

“While working with our Business Development Manager at eBay, we were looking at options to make the process work more smoothly. Linnworks was suggested as the best option for our requirements. The initial discussions went well, and it enabled us to get up and running quickly.”

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Passion, knowledge and the right tools enable growth

Monster Group, based in York, are a rapidly expanding group of companies under a unified brand. Launched in 2007, they are going from strength to strength. We talked to Darren Yates, the Customer Service Manager about Linnworks.

"The interface is so easy to use. While we ask the team lots of questions, it’s because we want to know all the ins and outs of Linnworks, so our business can make the best use of it. We’re also trying to ensure we achieve the maximum gain in efficiency from it."

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Efficiency and Access to the right markets to achieve success

Originally founded in East London as ‘Levy and Son’ in 1912, and trading from 1968 as ‘Mr Byrite’, Blue Inc changed their brand name between 1997 and 2002. Acquired by Marlowe Retail in 2006, they are rapidly expanding their retail and online presence, currently running 205 retail locations specialising in Fashion Clothing.

“Our decision to choose Linnworks instead of other multi-channel solutions providers was their willingness to work with us to deliver an Enterprise-level multi-channel solution.”

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Grow and control your business with the right tools

GMDC Global Ltd, run by John Pemberton, is an online business specialising in designer clothing and footwear. GMDC have managed to grow dramatically from what started as a one-man enterprise in a spare bedroom to a business with a 3-man team, separate warehousing and a turnover close to 7 figures. Mr. Pemberton is now one of eBay’s highest-rated sellers in his categories, and number 1 for certain brands which he sells. They are continuing to expand, particularly internationally, where sales are rapidly developing. The system and tools they have in place allow them to exploit the profits available in Cross-Border trade with a relatively small increase in workload.

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