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eBay - Configuration

    Configuring eBay Integration

    Once you have set up your eBay account to work with Linnworks it will appear in the list of channels on the Channel Integration screen. From here you can enable / disable integration and inventory sync for each individual channel as well as configuration and inventory mapping tools.


    To enable / disable individual channel integration within Linnworks, simply click the small circle in the Enabled column that corresponds to the channel you wish to alter. A green light means that the channel is enabled in Linnworks, while a red light denotes that it is disabled.

    Inventory Sync

    The same process applies to the Inventory Sync function, clicking a circle will toggle between enabled and disabled for the specified channel. A green light means that the Linnworks will sync inventory with this channel while a red light indicates that it will not.


    • Clicking the Config button for a specified channel will bring up the Account Config menu for that channel.
    Fig 1.1 eBay Config
    This screen has the following options:  


    • Mark as despatched – If this is ticked Linnworks will send Order Processed, Tracking number and selected shipping service to eBay once an order is despatched.
    • Download orders marked as despatched – Only orders that are NOT shipped will be downloaded. It is highly recommended to have not this option on.
    • Mark as paid only if PayPal Transaction exists – An order or transaction will be marked as paid only if the Transaction ID exists for the order. (I.e. paid for with PayPal or CC)
    Note: Only tick the above option if you have PayPal integrated in Linnworks and the Integration is Enabled.
    • Managed Return – Allows Linnworks to control the Returns process for the eBay account
    • Last Order Sync [UTC] – Last time the system synchronised. Leave it alone if everything is working ok.


    • Shipping Service Mapping - Click on the Allocate button to enable Linnworks to auto assign the shipping service the customer selected on eBay at the time of the checkout to a Linnworks Postal Service Method 
    • If you integrated your ebay account prior to June 2016, you may need to migrate your shipping mapping.


    • Payment Method  Mapping - Click on the Allocate button to enable Linnworks to auto assign the payment method the customer selected on eBay at the time of the checkout to a Linnworks Payment Method


    • Image Tool - Click on the Image button to allow adjustment of Ebay images that do not meet minimum eBay policy requirements



    • Update Inventory – If ticked, Linnworks will be updating listings on eBay. If no stock is left, the listing will be ended. If you have stock the Available quantity listing will be updated. If the listing ended and you get more stock in, the listing will be relisted.
    • Update Pricing - Allows Linnworks to automatically update the listing price on eBay after a manual update in Linnworks for accounts using Autonomous Synchronisation
    • Update Inventory from location – If ticked, Linnworks will be updating listings on eBay from the specified location. If not ticked Linnworks will update stock from all locations.
    Note: Use this option when inventory levels are to be submitted a from selection of locations
    • Limit Update to CBT Site - Only update inventory for a specific site when using CBT. Eg. UK. This is useful when using third party companies such as Web Interpret that mirror international listings
    • Default Max Listed Quantity - This specifies the default maximum level that will be sent to the channel. 
    • Default Max List Percentage - This will set the default value for the maximum percentage of stock to send to the channel
      • Linnworks will always round down to prevent the risk of Overselling
      • Example where Linnworks will appear to apparently end a listing early
        • Default Max List Percentage set to 1
        • Inventory item has 10 in stock
        • 1% of 10 = 0.1 which when rounded down = 0 and results in the listing ending
    • Default End When Quantity - This enables you to set the default value to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero.
    • Last Inventory Sync (Server) – Last time inventory synchronised. Leave it alone if everything is working ok.
    • Inventory Update settings – Tells Linnworks how what Inventory Synchronisation does.
      • Revise Listings – Changes available quantity.
      • End Listings – Ends listings if no more stock available.
      • Relist Listings – Will relist the listing if it has ended and there is still stock available.
      • Manual Confirmation – Checking this means the system will prompt you to confirm the inventory sync actions. It is a very good idea to have prompts turned on during the first weeks of working with the system. Once everything is set up properly you can turn the prompts off.
      • Ignore Auctions (next to End Listings) - will instruct linnworks not to end auctions
      • Ignore Auctions (next to Relist listings) - will instruct linnworks not to relist auctions
      • Auto Accept / Auto Reject – When inventory sync prompt comes up, you have 120 seconds to confirm or reject the actions. This option tells the system to automatically accept or reject all actions if no input is received from the user.