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eBay Import Listing Quantities


This makes it possible to control the stock levels that are sent to the channel during the inventory synchronisation so that it is not required to share all of your stock on a specific channel. This allows you to manage your listing to reduce the risk of over selling.

Please note for older eBay integration that this is only enabled if the option "Use SKU (Custom Label)" is ticked. For newer integrations (post patch 512) this option has been removed and it is assumed that all listings use SKU (Custom Label)


Quick Guide

  • Settings -> Channel Integration
  • Mapping
  • Right Click on any listing
  • Select Import
  • Import Min/Max Quantities
  • Map required columns and click OK to import data

Detailed Guide

Accessing the Feature

  • Settings -> Channel Integration
  • Select the required eBay channel
  • Click the Mapping button

Mapping the CSV file

  • Right Click on any listing
  • Select Import
  • Import Min/Max Quantities
  • Select the location of the csv file.
  • The Column Mapping screen will be displayed (Fig 1.1) 
  • If column headers in the selected CSV match the expected columns they will be automatically mapped
  • If column headers do not match, use drop down in 'File Column' to select the required column from the selected import file
  • It is also possible to enter a default value that will be used if there is not value supplied in the import file.
  • The file can be viewed by clicking on the Preview button. 
  • Click on the OK button to import the file.
Fig 1.1 Column Mapping


  • This specifies the maximum level that will be sent to the channel. 
  • The level published will never be higher even if there is more stock within Linnworks.


  • This enables you to force the listing to end when the stock level gets to the specified amount as opposed to the default value of zero. 
  • Helping to give you a stock buffer so that you don't run out or oversell.


  • This will send up a percentage of the current stock level. 
  • For example if you have 10 in stock and set the percentage to 50, 5 will be sent to the channel. 
  • Please be aware that Linnworks will always round down.

Sample CSV

  • This data is stored against the Channel SKU as it appears in the mapping screen. 
  • Each Linnworks stock item can be listed multiple times on different channels. 
  • Please see Fig 2.1 for an example csv file
Fig 2.1 Sample CSV


 Please Note: You need to retain the csv file for reference as the settings are not displayed within Linnworks. The data is only used during the Inventory Update process.