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eBay Motors Compatibility Import

eBay now offer the ability to map individual SKUs to a list of compatible car makes and models.  The MVL database is maintained by eBay and can be accessed by request, either from eBay or Pentagon

For more information please see the documentation on the eBay site


Both reports can be created using the Linnworks Data Import Tool. There are two types of import


eBay Motors Listing  - Compatibility List KTypes


If you already know the KType a simple spreadsheet can be created linking the SKU to the relevant entries. Using the actual KType will allow you to utilise the advanced search facilitates within eBay.  

Optional search fields Include Years and Exclude Years will help narrow down search fields even further when KTypes cover multiple years



Deleting Compatibility KType Listings

The Delete function allows the deletion to be set for deleting numerous KTypes at once simply add one of the valid delete entries "True, T, Yes, Y DELETE or DELETED" as shown above;


eBay Motors Listing  - Compatibility List


Compatibility information can still be added on the listing even if you do not have the KType.  This will be displayed as text and will not be part of the advanced search.

Deleting Compatibility Listings


As with other import it is possible to remove the mappings. To do this import the SKU with the word "DELETED" in the Model field