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Multi Listing Titles and Prices


To create multiple listings for the same product on eBay is only possible if each of the listings have a unique title. With this comes the difficulty of having to load multiple titles against the same Linnworks Inventory Item.

Linnworks along with Linnlive provides the functionality to be able to have independent titles and descriptions for each of these eBay websites and list to all sites from a single eBay account channel. This means that you only have to have a single item within your inventory but can have it selling different titles.


Data Import

The data import tool allows you to import prices, titles and descriptions for each country.

  • Go to Linn Systems > Linnworks > Tools > Data Import.
  • Select Multiple Listing Titles and Prices from the drop down list and click next.


Choose the file you wish to import using the 'Select' button. A preview of the first 100 rows of the file will be displayed.

Set up the specification for the file :

  • Delimeter ~ the separator between columns 
  • Text Qualifier ~ used to defined text within a single field
  • Has colum names ~ does the csv file contain a column header row


Column Mapping

Column Mapping screen allows you to map columns in your CSV file to types being imported.

SKU – Linnworks SKU (Required)
Source - Channel Source (Required)
SubSource - channel Sub source appended by unique number (Required)
Title – product title for specified channel
Price – product retail price – the values in the CSV file must be numeric.
 Delete – Set to YES if you would like to remove the title from Linnworks

To map the columns select the appropriate colum from the CSV file by picking from the drop down available in each row.



Click Import to being import process.


Listing Creation

To create listings using the multiple titles please refer to the following documentation.