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Easy Webstore Integration - Setup


This document describes how to set up Easy Webstore integration within Linnworks. Here you can also find information about what functions Linnworks can perform while working with Easy Webstore and how to configure this channel.

Easy Webstore integration allows the system to:

  • Automatically download new orders from Easy Webstore
  • Mark items as dispatched on Easy Webstore
  • Submit tracking numbers
  • Synchronise stock levels


Integrating Easy Webstore


  • Before integrating your Easy Webstore with Linnworks, you need to generate an API access key that Linnworks uses to interact with your site. 
  • To access your API details, go to your admin area and navigate to “Store Settings” and select “API Details”. 
  • Click the “(Re)Generate API Key” button to create a unique API key for your store. Your Company ID is also shown as Store ID.

  • If you click the “(Re)Generate API Key” button again at any point, you will need to transfer the new key across to Linnworks as the old key will be deactivated.

Add New Channel

  • To set up Easy Webstore Order Book integration go to Settings > Channel Integration. From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks to integrate with.

  • Click the Add new channel button on the right of the screen to bring up the New Channel selection screen. 
  • Select Easy Webstore from the list 
  • Click Integrate.


  • You will be presented with the Easy Webstore Account Setup screen which will walk you through the process of integrating your Easy Webstore account with Linnworks.

Enter the following details in the Easy Webstore Account Setup screen:

  • Site – The URL for your Easy Webstore site
  • API Key – The API key you generated in your store settings.
  • Company ID – Your StoreID that is displayed when you generate your API key.



  • Once you have entered all of your details, click the Test button to ensure that the information you have keyed in is correct. 
  • Click the Save button to add your Easy Webstore to the list of integrated channels in Linnworks.