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EasyWebstore Inventory Mapping


To enable inventory synchronisation and link listed products on Easy Webstore to Linnworks inventory:

Click on the Mapping button in the Inventory Mapping Column

A list of all the products from your Easy Webstore will appear in the grid on the left. There are three ways that you can map items to Linnworks:

If the product SKU’s in Linnworks match the product SKU’s in Easy Webstore, you can Auto Link by SKU. This is done by right-clicking on the list and selecting Link All by SKU. Confirm this action to let Linnworks match all unlinked items by SKU.

The second option you have is to manually link items. To do this, select a product from the left hand side before searching for it in the search box on the right. Double click the relevant product to create the link between the two items.

If any of the products don’t exist in your inventory you can create a new product. Do this by right-clicking the product and selecting Create New Stock Item. If you make any mistakes during this process, you can right-click a product and select Unlink to remove the inventory mapping.