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DHL EasyShip Integration

DHL EasyShip is a desktop application that allows you to process shipments locally for fast processing. Linnworks can connect to the EasyShip software in order to print labels, produce tracking numbers and bill your DHL account automatically. This information can then be pulled back into Linnworks before your channels are updated with the shipping details.

Firstly you will need to contact your DHL account manager to get the EasyShip software. Once you have it installed you will have access to your Shipper ID, Shipper Airport Code and Shipper Account details which Linnworks needs in order to communicate with EasyShip. To set up EasyShip integration go to Settings > Shipping Management and click the configure button for DHL EasyShip.

On the DHL EasyShip Configuration screen you will need to enter your Shipping ID, Shipper Airport Code for your DHL account.

Once you have entered these details you need to specify the input and output paths for the files that EasyShip and Linnworks create. “Create Shipping folder” is the location that Linnworks will export Order Details to while “Get Tracking Numbers folder” is the folder that EasyShip exports the tracking numbers to. You can specify the column that the tracking number is displayed in by changing the “Col #” field to match the column in the Tracking Number csv file. “Default Content Description” is a description of the contents that will be displayed should you not specify one for each order. The last information you need to enter is your shipping address before you can start mapping Shipping Services.

You can either add shipping services manually or create a default list of mapped shipping services. Click the Add button, select the Linnworks Postal Service and then map across the relevant DHL Service. You can click the Service button to configure the Service Code and Category for each service as well as stating whether the services need to Declare Value or be Insured. Once you have finished setting up EasyShip click the Save button to confirm the settings.