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eBay Motors Parts Compatibility - kTypes

Linnworks now has the ability to assign eBay Ktype codes to specific stock items. The kType mapping allows you to define which makes and models of cars are compatible with the product. This means that a single listing can be sent to eBay, and is searchable via the eBay Motors advanced search instead of generating a separate listing for each car type.

Enable kTypes

This feature is design for very specific products and a default is disabled. Before you can configure the mapping you need to go to:

Settings > Application Settings and tick the enable KTypes option


Mapping kTypes

The motor vehicle compatibility can be mapped by going to:

Inventory Control > My Inventory > Edit Stock item > KTypes tab

The kType lookup MVL (Motor Vehicle Listing) file is managed by eBay and is subject to changes. Updated files are managed centrally by Linn Systems and stored on our servers.

Once loaded a list of all the possible car combinations are displayed in the list in the bottom half of the screen. This list can be filtered by selecting the dropdown lists. Starting with the Make, each box is filtered to give a refined selection.

Each record can be added singly or in groups by clicking on the Add Selected button.  The compatibility record is then moved to the top section of the screen.  The mapping records can be deleted by clicking the Remove Selected button.

This list is limited to 1000 entries, as this is the maximum number of KTypes allowed per listing in eBay. You will be prompted with a message box when you exceed this number.

Compatibility Notes

Notes can be added to each kType to give more information to the customer.  Multiple notes can be added by selecting the desired kTypes and the clicking the Edit Compatibility Notes button. The note can then be added in the prompt box and will be applied to all the selected record.  

Listing on eBay

The product is listed as normal with no additional configuration required.  The vehicle compatibility will only be displayed if it is active for the category that you select within the Linnlive configurator.

Bulk Import

This information can be loaded in bulk via a csv file import using the Data Import Tool.  Please see the following link for more information