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ekm Powershop Inventory Mapping

ekm Powershop Inventory Mapping


 Inventory Mapping allows you to match a listing with a Linnworks stock item. This means that when Linnworks downloads an order from the channel, Linnworks will know what stock item matches the order item, and can manage the stock for that item accurately.

To map your Linnworks Inventory to your ekmPowershop inventory, you will first need to go to Settings, then Channel Integration, and then click on the Mapping Button to the right of the integration.

Export Inventory XML file from ekmPowershop

In order to map your inventory, you will need to go to your ekmPowershop store and get an XML export of your products.

To access the Import/Export system please log into your ekmPowershop account and navigate to the features section. Look down the list until you see the import / export feature.

Select Export To File

Select Export Products

Select all fields


Select XML File


Link ekmPowershop inventory to Linnworks inventory

Note : For Linnworks to be able to map to EKM Inventory the file provided by EKM must contain SKU's for all items

The XML file will now be used to map the Linnworks inventory to the ekmPowershop inventory. To do so, go to the ekmPowershop integration, Settings -> Channel integration and click the Mapping button. A prompt to select the XML file will appear.




Once loaded, all of the ekmPowershop inventory will appear in the SKU column with the titles showing in the product column. To find a Linnworks product to link, search for the product in the text box on the right. Click on an ekmPowershop item then double click on the Linnworks item on the right to Link it. 


Right clicking on an item will produce the following options:

Unlink: Unlink the selected item (if linked)

Create new stock item: Creates the select ekmPowershop item in the Linnworks inventory

Link All by SKU: Links all of the ekmPowershop inventory to Linnworks inventory where the SKUs match

Create All: Creates all of the ekmPowershop inventory items in Linnworks.

Show Sync Status: Shows that quantity listed on ekmPowershop as well as the last updated date.