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ekmPowershop ~ Setup



The ekmPowershop integration will allow the system to: 

  • Automatically download new orders from your ekmPowershop
  • Mark orders as despatched 
  • Automatically adjust inventory


  • An active ekmPowershop account
  • ekmPowershop Website, API and Endpoint details


Obtaining ekmPowershop credentials

Click on the Features tab, then click on the ekmPowershop API button


You will then see your API Key

Add New Channel to Linnworks

  • To set up the ekmPowershop integration, Settings -> Channel integration
  • From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks works to integrate with.



  • Click the Add new channel button on the right of the screen to bring up the new channel selection screen. Click the “Integrate” button next to the ekmPowershop Channel.



  • You will then be presented with the ekmPowershop Account integration screen.

  • Enter the following details
    • Website name - The full url of your ekmPowershop website
    • API Key - To get your API Key, go to and sign in to your account
    • Endpoint - To get your API Endpoint , go to and sign in to your account
  • Click the Test button to test the integration, an error message will appear if anything is wrong with the details that have been entered. 
  • If OK you will be prompted with an all ok prompt.
  • Click Save to add this channel to the list of your channels.