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Fruugo Product Feed


In order to sell products on Fruugo, a customer will need to create a product feed. The Fruugo staff will then approve these products and make them available for sale on the channel

Quick Guide

Here's the quick guide to the features of the Fruugo Product Feed

  • 1. Open the Fruugo Integration Config
  • 2. Click Submit
  • 3. Select required inventory
  • 4. Submit Listings

Detailed Guide

Here's the detailed guide of the features within the Fruugo Product Feed

1. Open The Fruugo Integration Config

  • Click on Settings -> Channel Integration -> Config
Fig 1.1 Settings

2. Click Product Feed

  • Make sure all details are filled in and correct
  • Click Submit
Fig 2.1 Fruugo Current Listings_thumb.png

3. Select Required Inventory

  • To include an item tick the checkbox in the List column
  • To Delist an item, tick the checkbox in the List colum
  • To select all items that can be listed tick the checkbox Select All with no errors
    • Note: this will include items not displayed as a result of a filter
Fig 3.1 Fruugo Current Listings_thumb.png

4. Click Submit

  • Once the items to list have been selected click the Submit Listings button at the bottom right
  • Click Yes to confirm submission
  • Once submission is completed a message box displaying the URL for the feed will be displayed
Fig 4.1 Fruugo Current Listings_thumb.png

Listing Products Rules

There is a criteria that products must meet in order to be included in the product feed. Products must have: 

1) An Image

2) A Description (The description will be taken from the listing description for the source/subsource. If this is not present, it will take it for source/subsource of default. If this is not present, the meta data will be used) Descriptions should not contain HTML tags

3) A Retail Price of greater than 0

4) An accurate weight unless otherwise another arrangement has been agreed with Fruugo

5) An EAN barcode number (Taken from the stock item's barcode field)

Fruugo will also use the following attributes in the extended properties




4)Fruugo_Category - An extended property that contains the name of the Fruggo category you wish to list to. Using this value will override the category set in the listing tool itself when submitting listings.

5)Fruugo_Shipping - An extended property that contains a List of Country ISO codes (comma separated) that the user will ship to. This is not required, but recommended

6)LeadTime - LeadTime is how long after an order is placed that you expect to dispatch it, stored as an integer.

If the product has a size/colour in the title or description, it should also have this as an attribute. If it does not, this may cause the feed to be invalid

Variation Groups

If a user has variations of an item in Linnworks, they should all be in the same variation group. This will link the products on Fruugo to make them easily viewable. If variation products are not in the same variation group, the feed may be rejected by Fruugo


Please note, Products will not appear in the product feed until the products have a live status, which occurs after the products have been branded and categorised. The product feed is updated every 24 hours, so there may be a delay in the products showing in the mapping screen once the branding and categorisation has been completed.