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FTP flat file – order export and import - fulfilment center

Exporting Orders
  • Add new location in Inventory Control > Locations
  • Click Edit and set the new location as Is Fulfilment Center
  • Save Configuration and click Edit again
  • Go to Automation
  • Enable Orders and select FTP

    • FTP path – ftp server path, this must be proceeded with ftp:// then IP address or the DNA name of the server. For example where is an IP address and uploads is a directory in the ftp server root.
    • Username  - username for the ftp server
    • Password – password for the ftp server
    • Type – indicates whether the FTP server supports Active or Passive mode
    • Export file – order export file
    • Import file – order status file (see below for expected order statuses and expected column)

You can change the format and the definition of the flat file by clicking Columns button.

    • Index – column index
    • Source – data column being exported (drop down selection)
    • Output – name of the column exported into a file
    • Default value – here you can specify a static value that will be outputted in the column. You have to select CustomColumn in the Source.


Please note that Linnworks will export these orders on sync. On every sync, Linnworks will export a list of open orders, regardless of whether it has already been exported or not.

Order status import

In order to keep track of order status, shipping status and import tracking numbers, you need to configure Fulfilment Center to import flat file. The flat file has to contain Linnworks Order Id and a an order status. Tracking number, shipping service and error columns are optional.

Columns expected in the file

  • OrderId – Linnworks order id. The fulfilment company has to export the original Linnworks order id in the status file. 
  • Status – order status. The fulfilment company can update the status to any text value. You will be able to see this status in the order audit trail. The Status column is also used by the fulfilment company to notify Linnworks that the order has been shipped, or if there is an error fulfilling this order, or to cancel the order.

Predefined statuses recognized by Linnworks

    • SHIPPED – order has been shippped. This status will instruct Linnworks to move the order from Open order to Processed (Process an order)
    • COMPLETE – the same as shipped
    • CANCELED – cancel the order. Once the order is moved to the fulfilment center (exported), the only way to move it out of the fulfilment center is to update it's status to CANCEL.
    • ERROR – set an error message on the Order. The text of the error message will be taken from Error column


  • TrackingNumber – order shipping tracking number. Fulfilment Center communication only supports one tracking number per order, and does not support partial shipping. If the shipment contains multiple tracking numbers, the fulfilment company needs to provide parent tracking number for the order id.
  • ShippingService – the name of the shipping service (see shipping service mapping on how to map shipping service names your fulfilment company uses to shipping services in Linnworks)
  • Error – if there is a problem with fulfilling this order, the fulfilment company can record an error message for each order individually. (max. 500 char. Long) – applies only when the status is ERROR. 



1) The column names in the status file do not need to be named exactly as Linnworks expects. The column mapping tool allows you to map columns in the file to the columns Linnworks expects.
2) SFTP can be used instead of FTP. The host name can just be set to (no need for ftp://, etc.)


If your fulfilment company is unable to keep you notified of the order status, you can import shipped order ids and define status column with default value as SHIPPED.

Video: Amazon FBA, Fulfilment Centers and dropshipping - This webinar demonstrates how to configure Linnworks to work with Amazon FBA, setup generic fulfilment center communication or coms with the drop shipper and introduces to Scripting in Linnworks.