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Importing / Exporting

Linnworks Purchase Orders contains the functionality to import and export Purchase Order information in a CSV file format. This can be used to import a list of products from an external source to automatically populate the Purchase Order, or to export the Purchase Order details for sending to a Supplier to use in their system.


To import a CSV file into your Purchase Order, click the Import from CSV button and navigate to the file in the browser window.

Once you have selected the file you will be greeted with the Import window where you need to map the columns from the CSV file to the columns that Linnworks works with. The preview pane at the bottom of the Import screen shows you the details of the CSV file to be imported.

 If the table is red, then there is a problem with the mapping that needs to be corrected before you can finish importing. Highlighting the error column will give you details as to nature of the problem.

Once imported, the details from the CSV file will populate the Purchase Order.



You can use the Export CSV function in order to edit the Purchase Order details outside of Linnworks or to send them to Suppliers. Click the Export to CSV button and select the location you wish to save the exported CSV file.


 You can then select the columns that you wish to output as well as changing the name of the output column name. Click the Export button to complete the export.