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Please find below steps to follow when your inventory is not updating for items in your Amazon Account:

Check inventory submit status for a specific SKU.

  • Open My Inventory
  • Find the item sku which has not updated
  • Ensure the Available and Total stock levels (stock level across all locations) are correct – see screenshot below. It is not uncommon where you have multiple stock locations, to look only at the details of one location, instead of the total. By default Linnworks will submit the sum of the Available Stock in all locations to Amazon, not just what is in the 'default' location.

  • Click Edit Item
  • Open Channel SKU Mapping  tab
  • Click Show/Hide Status
  • For each listed SKU on each channel you will see the status of the submission.
  • Check LastUpdate – the datetime of the submission of the stock level change. Submitted Level – the stock level that has been submitted to Amazon, Listed – the last known listed quantity as confirmed by Amazon.

Update Status

  • Confirmed - Means Amazon accepted the submission and confirmation file has been received from Amazon. If submitted level is confirmed, but the quantity is not updated on Amazon, this could be due to a delay on Amazon frontend (normally about 15-30 minutes). If after after 30 minutes the quantity is not updated – contact Amazon Seller support.
  • Pending – Means the stock level has been sent and confirmation is pending.
  • Error – There was an error, the error message will be shown.