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eBay auctions (not FixedPrice listings) are being ended and relisted. Desired behaviour needed is Revise, relist and end FixedPrice listings and ignore all auctions


Linnworks will end eBay auctions if its linked to an inventory item and you have 0 in stock. By the same token when you have aquired more stock for ended auctions, by Default Linnworks will relist them.


You can configure Linnworks to Ignore Auctions when it comes to relisting and ending.

  • Go to Settings > Channel Integration
  • open the eBay Config
  • under Inventory Update Settings, tick Ingore Auctions where necessary

Please note, Linnworks will attempt to relist all auctions ended in the last 30 days which have stock levels more than 0. If you had Ignore Auctions for relisting settings turned on for a period of time and then turn it back on again, ALL AUCTIONS that ended in the last 30 days will be relisted. It is generally recommended to keep this setting turned off or on permanently.