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In order to disable Linnworks generating and sending emails to amazon customers, follow the steps below

1. Go to 'Settings',' Email notification'.
2. Double click 'Despatch notification'.
3. Click 'Disable' on  the default template. This means that emails will now only be sent out for any templates you create with conditions attached. If an order does not fulfill those criteria, no email will be generated.

5. Set the condition as 'SOURCE<>'AMAZON', and click 'OK'. This template contains the same information as the default email, and can be customised further. It should be 'Enabled'.


6. Save the new template. When you send emails in future for Dispatch notification, Linnworks will check the Source, and the email will only be created if the order is NOT from Amazon.

Ordinarily where an order does not satisfy the conditions, it would use the 'Default' template, but as it is disabled, any orders for Amazon will not be able to generate a Linnworks email.

If you need to create emails for other conditions, then use 'SOURCE <> ‘AMAZON’  AND ' before the other condition for all the templates, eg SOURCE <> ‘AMAZON’  AND ShippingMethod='Fedex 24 hours'.