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About Amazon Mapping

General Information

Unlike other channels LinnLive works with, Amazon does not have a separate mapping tool in LinnLive.

Mapping of Amazon listings has to be performed in Linnworks where listings are linked with inventory items. Please refer to this documentation for more information.

Amazon mapping in LinnLive is performed automatically from the Inventory screen. However, mapped listings do not have a configurator and not many listing details can be modified through LinnLive. In order to have full control of the listing, it has to be recreated using LinnLive.


    In order to map listing in LinnLive follow these steps:

    1. Go to Inventory screen;

    2. Locate required items using Search function;

    3. Select items -> Right-Click under Amazon channel name -> Edit Selected;

    4. Template will be automatically created and shown in a new window;

    5. The following parameters will be available for edit:

    - Price (Fig. 1.1);

    -Attributes: Fulfillment Center Id, Item Condition, Lead Time to Ship, Will Ship Internationally (Fig. 1.2).

  Fig 1.1   Fig 1.2 

Once required amendments have bee performed, click Update button in the listing template (Fig. 1.3).

Note: Variation listings cannot be mapped in LinnLive.

  Fig 1.3