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Linnworks Anywhere Installation Guide

Register Your Account

  • Start by heading to
  • In the Login Box click on the Register New link
  • In the New User box fill in your Company's details
  • Click Register
  • Once registered, an activation code will be sent to the registered Email address, this code must be entered into the field provided
Fig 1.1  Register New Account Fig 1.2  New User Details Fig 1.3  Activation Code

Downloading The Installer

  • Once registered you will be directed to Your Account page
  • On this page Your Account details can be viewed and edited and a Forum Login can be created
  • There are also links on this page to download and install Linnworks software.
  • To do this, click on the link detailed in Figure 2.1
Fig 2.1  Downloading The Installer

License Agreement

  • Once the Linnworks Installer has been downloaded Run the Installer
  • The License Agreement will then come up
  • Please read this and then click on the Accept terms and conditions box
Fig 3.1  Ts & Cs

Permission Search

  • Once the terms and conditions have been accepted the Installer will check your system for Prerequisites and necessary level of permissions to install Linnworks
Fig 4.1  Permission Search

Linnworks Login

  • Please re-enter the email address and password used in your Registration
Fig 5.1  Linnworks Login

Installing Linnworks

  • The Linnworks Installer will then begin the Installation of Linnworks making sure that the most up to date version is being downloaded and installed
Fig 6.1  Installing

Barcode Font Installation

  • A Barcode Font prompt will come up giving the choice to install 3of9 Font
  • This is needed for document barcodes
Fig 7.1  Barcode Font Prompt

Installation Complete

  • Once the 3 of 9 Font for Barcodes is installed or skipped the Installation will complete
Fig 8.1  Installation Complete

Linnworks Desktop

  • Now Linnworks has been installed please log in to Linnworks Desktop
  • Once logged in, you will be forwarded to the main menu page of the Linnworks system
  • It is now recommended that you watch the Webinar entitled ‘Linnworks Getting Started Webinar’, this can be found by typing Webinar into the search box in the top right of the Linnworks page
  • This is the fastest way to be taught how to use the system effectively
Fig 9.1  Linnworks Desktop