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Control your business from anywhere, anytime

Introducing the most feature-rich multichannel management software

Linnworks Anywhere is order management and stock control software that automates core processes and saves you time and money. It allows you to take control of entire online selling with powerful and flexible tools that free you to grow sales and concentrate on building your business.

One of the main advantages of Linnworks Anywhere package over Linnworks Local is that it’s a cloud based solution, meaning all your data is stored on our reliable Amazon EC2 cloud servers. Although it is still a desktop application, you can access your database from any PC anywhere in the world. And in case there is a technical issue which requires our attention, we can always directly access your system with your permission to investigate problems further.

Like any other Linnworks package, it integrates with over 30 marketplaces and web-site carts and supports over 20 shipping courier integrations.

LinnLive is a free web-based extension for Linnworks Anywhere


LinnLive web-based application sits on top of Linnworks Anywhere and works with the same data you already have created in Linnworks. It provides functionality for creating listings on multiple channels (eBay, Amazon, Magento), either manually or in bulk.

LinnLive also offers an inclusive repricing solution for your Amazon listings, helping you to enhance your sales and boost your revenue. Amazon repricer allows you to be maximally competitive on the market and requires just a few clicks of administration. One of the key features of our repricer is that it does take actual shipping costs into account, thus putting you in front of many competitors.


Order lifecycle management and inventory control

With Linnworks Anywhere, you can follow an order from the time it is placed by the customer until they're happy with the delivered product. And if your customer wants to get a refund, return an item or exchange it - they can enjoy a convenient process and will be more likely to continue to do business with you in the future.

By managing the process efficiently from supplier to customer - you save time, money and your brand reputation. Linnworks helps you create win-win situation for both you and your customer, no matter how complex the process is.

At the same time, Linnworks Anywhere package is as comprehensive with inventory and stock control automation as it is with order management. It designed to help you to track quantities of products you sell, to update quantities when you get new stock from your supplier and to deduct them when you make a sale.


API is available

Linnworks Anywhere also comes with its own API (Application Programming Interface), giving you powerful control over how the system communicates and integrates with third-party software. For example, you can use this feature to tailor the way Linnworks sends data on  your stock levels to another system or application.


Autonomous Synchronisation

Our Enterprise customers can also enjoy an autonomous synchronisation between Linnworks and channels, meaning the system will automatically synchronise with channels no matter whether the application is opened or closed.

This feature is great if you are worried about overselling, because it automatically downloads orders at the point of sale, deducts quantities and submits information back to channels. There is no need to manually synchronise the system nor the need to keep the application opened overnight - it does it all seamlessly for you.

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