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Magento Integration - Order Management and Inventory Control


Magento is a very popular Open Source E-Commerce platform, featuring strong backend processing, a good overall customer experience and good cart functionality. Linnworks can directly integrate with multiple Magento stores, including Multi-Store setups on one installation. This allows you to bring together your orders from your Magento site in Linnworks with those from Amazon and eBay, and have a single inventory level managed across all three.

Within this section we will show you how to setup an integration between your Magento site and Linnworks. We will detail the steps to be taken both in Magento and within Linnworks to allow you to collect and update orders, and update your inventory levels in Magento to keep them in sync with Linnworks and any other channels you are integrated with.

Magento integration allows the system to:

- Automatically download new orders from Magento.

- Mark items as dispatched on Magento.

- Send out confirmation emails to the Magento registered email address.

- Submit order shipping information back to Magento once an order has been processed.

- Automatically adjust inventory, ensuring youavoid overselling by adjusting available stock levels based on sales from other channels as well as Magento.