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Using mailshots in Linnworks allows you to send custom emails to customers from the Open Orders screen. You can configure the emails to send late shipment details, inform customers of promotions related to the items they’ve brought and much more.


To configure your mailshot emails

  • Settings -> Email Notifications
  • Enable Email Notification
  • Enter appropriate SMTP Settings

Editing Mailshots

Double-click either ”Late shipping communication” or “Customer mailshot to open orders” to open up the Email Template Editor.

The mailshot Emails are very customisable and flexible, allowing you to present a wide range of Order and buyer information. You can use the Data Inserts, Iterations and Evaluation expressions to display most information related to an order and show it in the way you want it to appear.

Default Condition

  • The Default Condtion is used when no matching condition can be found
  • Please note the Default Mail shot can not be deleted
  • However it is possible to disable this condition so that it is not used

Data Inserts

Data Inserts are variables related to the order. You can use these to show buyer information, order details, shipping services and order item details. For example you can insert the Reference Number data insert to display the Order Reference for any given order when you send an email:



These are used in conjunction with Data Inserts in order to display information for each Order Item. You could use the following to display the Item number, item title and order quantity for every item in the order:



Evaluation Expression

Evaluations can be used to programmatically define output. For example you can evaluate a data insert and output conditional text if the evaluation returns true or false. The following example returns a thank you message that evaluates the order source and returns the relevant message.

EVAL<IIF["[{ORDER.SOURCE}]"="EBAY","Thank you for buying from our eBay store","Thank you for buying from our store"]>

Once you have composed your email template you can preview it using either a dummy order or by passing in an orderID. When you are happy with your email, click the save button. You can set up multiple mailshot templates by clicking the Add New button. You can then set up different evaluation conditions for each template.

Example Use

The following example shows one way that custom mailshots can be used to interact with buyers once they have placed an order:

You sell batteries as well as electronic items that are supplied without batteries. Using the Stock Items filter on the open orders screen you can view all orders that have Electronic items in. If you have a separate category for Batteries you can right click on this filter to then view all orders that contain electronic items but not batteries. You can then select all these orders and send a custom mailshot to all buyers asking if they’d like to purchase batteries as well.

Specific Custom Mailshot

It is possible to define a custom mail shot with a name so that the mail can be easily selected from Open Orders

To create the new Custom Mailshot

  • Settings -> EmailNotifications > custom mailshot to open orders (manual mailshot)
  • Click Add New  ~ this will create a new Custom Mailshot
  • Define a name using the following format: NAME="Batteries"
  • Format the layout of your email
  • Click Save

To use the new Custom Mailshot (In this example Batteries)

  • Order Book -> Open Orders
  • Select the required Order(s)
  • Right-click -> Email shots > Custom Mailshot -> Batteries