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Order Notes


You can enter and review order notes from the order book directly. Order notes can also be imported from channels. For example if a buyer writes a payment note when checking out with PayPal, the system will display a note sign against that order. Orders can have multiple notes and information about the date/time the note was applied plus the user who applied it is also stored.

When an order has a note or notes applied to it a flag will display (Fig 1.1).


Viewing Order Notes

To view an order note either;

  • Double Click on the order
  • Right Click on the order > View > View Order (Fig 2.1)
  • Select the Order Notes tab (Fig 2.2)
  • From this screen you will see the date and time the note was added, the user who added the note and the note it's self. If a note was added from a channel, the user will display as "No User". 
  • Notes marked as Internal will not be included on Invoices
Fig 2.1    Fig 2.2 

Editing Order Notes

To edit order notes;

  • Right Click on the Order > Actions > Edit Order Note (Fig 3.1)
  • The note editing screen will then be displayed. (Fig 3.2)
  • From this screen you can add, edit and remove order notes 
  • To add an order note click New Note, enter some text then press apply
  • To edit an order note click on the note, edit the text and then press apply
  • To delete an order note click on the note you wish to delete then press Delete


Fig 3.1    Fig 3.2 

Order notes can be printed on invoices, please see the Template Designer documentation for instructions on how to do this.