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Barcode scanning products before despatching an order is useful for preventing the wrong products being shipped to the customer. Linnworks can be configured to require full order products scanning before the order can be marked as processed. The process flow will look like

  • User clicks Process order
  • Linnworks displays a screen which requires the user to scan all barcodes for each product being shipped.
  • If an incorrect product is scanned, an error message will be displayed warning the user of the mistake.
  • The order can only be marked as shipped if all barcodes are scanned in


The functionality only applies to one-by-one order processing. The barcode scanning screen will not be displayed if you Batch Process Orders.

To configure the system to display product scanning screen

  • Open Orders > Right click in the order list
  • Configuration > Order Book Settings
  • Order Processing Tab > tick Complete Scan is required for all items before scanning
  • Save the setting

Note: the setting is local to each PC.

Once the setting is set, Process Order screen will display Scan Barcode button. This allows you to scan all barcodes before you click Process button. Alternatively the scanning screen will automatically display when the user hits Process button.

The scanning screen will display OK button only if all products are scanned, excluding the products that do not have the barcode.


Note: composites are being split out into single items. The user is required to scan each composite child item separately



Note: Multiple quantities are split out into single scans