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Product serial numbers scanning is sometimes necessary for recording unique identification of products being shipped to the customer. This functionality is used to scan the serial numbers at the point of despatching an order, the serial number is recorded on them on the system. In case of a return or warranty enquiry, you can confirm that the product received from the customer is the one that has been originally shipped by comparing the serial numbers.

Configure Linnworks to request serial number scanning

  • To prompt the user to scan the serial numbers you have to enable Order Product Barcode scanning first,
  • Go to Open Order > right click on the list of orders > Configuration > Order Book Settings > Order Processing > Complete scan is required for all items before processing
  • Add SERIAL_NUMBER_REQUIRED extended property for an item you want the system to request the serial number for, to do this follow the steps below:
  • Go to My Inventory > find an item you want to add extended property for
  • Edit Item
  • open Extended Properties
  • Add new line with Property Name = SERIAL_NUMBER_REQUIRED, Property Value = TRUE and Property Type = Attribute
  • Try to process a dummy order with this item