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Packaging groups and packaging assignment

Packaging Overview

In line with the order management concept each product you stock can be packaged using a specific method. For example, small items are packed into bubble padded packages, or small carton boxes, whereas bigger items in larger boxes with padding etc. Packaging type is used to accurately work out the total weight of an order as different types of packaging add overall weight to an order. Sometimes it is also important for some carriers to know the dimension of the packaging in order estimate the cost of shipping more accurately. This however is optional functionality and if packaging weight and dimensions are not important to you, simply leave all packaging assignment as default.

Packaging group types

Firstly, you will need to set up the packaging groups and packaging types you will be using.

  • Settings > Postal Services Methods > Packaging groups

Packaging group is simply a unique name (a group) of different packaging types. Each packaging group will have several packaging types, for example we can create packaging group Standard letters with types: size AA, size AB and size AC.

Now you can choose the settings for this type (packaging weight and weight of product).

To use this functionality you have to assign each stock item to a packaging group which is used to pack the item.

My Inventory > Edit Item > Postage description > Prefered Packaging Group

Now the system is able to work out which packaging type to use for packing this item and can calculate the weight of the order correctly (the weight of the packaging will be added to the total order weight).

If an order contains multiple items the system will try to use a packaging group which matches all items in the order, if such cannot be found the user will have to define the packaging method manually.

Auto Assignment to a packaging type

Linnworks auto assigns an order to a packaging type based on the preferred packaging group of all order items. The system works out the packaging type based on the total weight of all order items and chooses the packaging type which suits the total weight based on the From Weight and To Weight specification of a packaging type. The auto assignment is performed automatically by the system. However you can overwrite this by editing the order or choosing the packaging type in the Order Process screen

Note: Packaging will only be automatically assigned of the item/items have weight assigned in the Postage Definition within each product