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Pixmania Inventory Synchronization and Mapping

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Inventory Management

Note: It is highly recommended to load your existing pixmania catalog into the system and ensure all listed items are mapped to the inventory. Linnworks cannot download item titles from pixmania, if the catalog is not loaded, pixmania order will have merchant SKUs only in the order information. See Inventory Management for instructions on how to load and map the catalogue.

To enable inventory synchronization and link listed products on Pixmania to the inventory:

First download a catalogue info report from Pixmania, this can be found in Product Management -> Extract UCMS (Segment ID) and attributes (BA/BV) -> Extract_catalogue_info select the universe, category and country then click Download.


  • Click on the Mapping button in the Inventory Mapping column
  • Click Load Catalog … Load From File and select the downloaded file
  • This will populate the list of products listed on Pixmania and will allow you to map them to the inventory in linnworks.

  • If the product SKUs in linnworks match product SKUs in Pixmania - you can do Auto link by SKU. Right click on the list > Auto Link All by SKU. This will try to match SKU in Pixmania to SKU in Linnworks and create linking between them.
  • If the SKUs are different, then you will need to map manually one-by-one. Type the name, part of the name or SKU of a product in the right hand pane, then select the listing on the left and double click on the selected item to map two together.
  • If the product doesn't exist in your inventory you can create the new product, by right clicking on the list and selecting Create Stock Item.

Once the product is linked, linnworks will submit all stock level changes to pixmania for the linked product. Linnworks will the log of all inventory submission for each product, you can review it by right clicking on the list > Show Status. Alternatively use Inventory Linking or Edit Item in My Inventory to view the latest submission status for the product. If there were any errors during the submission review the status as the error message would be stated there.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have Inventory Synchronization activated for pixmania you must ensure you reload the catalog whenever any of the products added, deleted or edited on pixmania. Pixmania requires catalogue resubmission to update stock level, therefore Linnworks sends all the pricing information to pixmania as well. If you changed prices on pixmania – you MUST reload the catalogue in Linnworks to ensure they will not be reverted back when the stock levels are update.

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