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Rakuten Integration


This section describes how to set up a Rakuten integration within Linnworks. Here you can find information about what functions Linnworks can perform while working with Rakuten, and how to configure them.

Rakuten integration allows the system to:

  • Automatically download new orders from Rakuten 
  • Mark items as dispatched on Rakuten 
  • Send out confirmation emails to the Rakuten registered email address
  • Submit order shipping information back to Rakuten once an order has been processed.
  • Automatically adjust inventory, to ensure you never oversell based on sales through other channels.


To integrate Rakuten into Linnworks you must have the following

  • An approved Rakuten store based on the following criteria as defined by Rakuten
    • Header Image with shop logo / name linked to Shop Top page (home page)
    • Shop Top page with highlighted offers or shop categories
    • Non-pixelated shop images
    • Shop categories, with products mapped to them, following a logical progression / order
    • Default text altered / removed from editable blocks
    • Shop Information page with descriptive details of company information
    • Returns policy that adheres to online & distance selling regulations
    • Shipping options, clearly named and described
    • High percentage of available product range added to the shop
    • One headline product with extensive description and multiple product images
    • Good quality product images with minimum 300px x 300px dimensions
    • Where possible, shop to meet similar standard (or higher) of existing web shops
  • Access to the API details

Supported Rakuten Sites

The following Rakuten sites have been prepared to work with the latest API and are supported by the Linnworks Integration

Joining Rakuten

If you do not already have a Rakuten account or require further details on ensuring you account meets their criteria contact the Rakuten Merchant Services Advisor Team

How to

Below are links documentation on setting up and configuring the Rakuten integration within Linnworks

  • Add a Rakuten integration to Linnworks
  • Configure a Rakuten Integration within Linnworks
  • Map the Rakuten listings to the Linnworks Inventory
  • List your inventory on Rakuten