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This guide covers how to test the rules that you have made using the rules engine.

Setting Up a Test

  • Expand the test window by toggleing the Show test window button (Fig 1.1)
  • Enter sample values to meet the specified conditions (Fig 1.2)
  • When inputting test values, you can either type them in yourself, or load data from an existing open order by entering an order ID into the Load Existing text box (Fig 1.3)
Fig 1.1    Fig 1.2    Fig 1.3 

All possible conditions that require sample data will be displayed in alphabetical order

Running a test using data loaded from an existing order will not alter the order at all. It is simply a means of obtaining sample data for the tests.

Running a Test

  • To test your rule against sample data click the Run test button(Fig 2.1)
Fig 2.1 
  • If successful, the path that the data took to end on an action will be highlighted in Green (Fig 2.2)
  • If the sample data does not result in an action being met, the test will fail. You will still see how far the data progressed through the rule before stopping (Fig 2.3)
  • If the sample data used results in multiple conditions being met the rules engine will always follow the first path available (Fig 2.4)
Fig 2.2   Fig 2.3    Fig 2.4