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Postal service settings and New postal service

1. Postage Settings

Settings > Postal Services Methods > Postage Settings

By selecting this tab you can choose postage settings that are used in the system.

  • Select "Show postage details on order processing screen" in order to show, or not to show postage details on the order processing screen.

  • Select "Allow changing postage information on order process screen" in order to allow, or not to allow postage information changes on the order process screen.

  • Select "Packaging Information Required" in order to allow, or not to allow changing postage information on the order process screen. If you choose that packaging information is required, then packaging type will have to be chosen (not default) and weight of the product must be specified (not 0).

When this function is turned on the system will show you that the information is wrong but the order will be processed anyway.

  • If you want the order with incorrect postage or packaging information not to be processed, tick the box Only order with correct postage/packaging information can be processed.

2. New postal services

Settings > Postal Service Methods > Postal Service.

Here you can modify, add and delete the postal services you use. Please do not remove or change Default Postal service.

To add a new postal service click on the 'Click Here to add new row' located at the top of the table of services and add the service you wish to use.

Service - the name of the postal service - for example new New Postal Service.

Tag - external system tag for the service (if setting up your own services imported from your own website or generic e-commerce platform this tag should match the shipping method id used in the external system) – for example USPSFirstClassParcel.

Country - operating country of the service – for example WORLDWIDE.

Code - code which will be allocated for the postal service (useful for producing meaningful postage manifest or printing to Dispatch Express).

Vendor - provider of the service – for example USPS.

If you tick Weight Required box the service will require each order weight to be set correctly before the label can be printed.

If you tick Tracking number required box the service will require tracking number to be scanned or provided through some means.

If you tick Ignore packaging box the service will not require packaging information.

To save information select another row and click on Save button.