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Tesco Creating Lisitngs

Preparing a Tesco Marketplace configurator

When listing to the Tesco Marketplace, you’ll be setup to list on particular categories. These categories will have certain requirements for the information needed to successfully create the listing. The Listing Tool is able to prepare and export a CSV file for a selected category showing which fields are essential, and if there are prescribed values you must use for that field.

  1. Open the Listing tool. This will be provided for you by a Linnworks Team member.
    • The Listing Tool should be saved on your PC. The executable file is called TescoProductListing.exe.
    • When you run the Listing Tool, it will ask you to enter your registered Linnworks email and password.
  2. In the menu titled 'Configurators' at the top of the tool, select the New Configurator option. Fig 1.1
  3. Double-click the correct category from the list.
  4. Select the fields to be used by your listings in this category.
    • Any values that will remain constant can be typed into the field right of the check box (eg: Brand the same for all products to be listed in the configurator) Fig 1.2
    • Values in the dropdown are extended properties which are editable. Fig 1.3
  5. Ensure listing start and ending date are completed. Fig 1.4
  6. Save and export the configurator CSV file. Fig 1.5
  7. Complete the CSV file, and delete the 2nd row, which contains example values, before the final save. Remember to add a Barcode and Image path column to the file (if not already saved against the stock items.)
  8. After completing the file, import the csv into Linnworks
Any fields added in outside of the listing tool will be imported into the database, but will not be used when submitting the SKU for listing. You should ensure that all the fields you want in your listing(s) are selected in Step 4.
Fig 1.1 New Config  Fig 1.2 Constant  Fig 1.3 Extended Property  
Fig 1.4 Extended Property  Fig 1.5 Extended Property  

Submitting items to Tesco

Following the creation of a configurator, and the import of the necessary details and information for your item (including Tesco-specific Title, Description and Price), you should submit your item to Tesco for listing.

  1. Open the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool.
  2. Use the List with Config option to start listing a product.
    • Select the item (left click) or items (left click with Ctrl held down to select multiple SKUs) you wish to list on the Tesco Marketplace.
    • Left Click the List with Config button. Fig 2.1
    • In the Config View window, select the configurator you previously created to list these items. It should be the same configurator you used to import the information about the products into Linnworks. Fig 2.2
  3. Confirm& details 
    • The ListingTemplateEdit window summarises the information available to submit to Tesco. The fields with red tags are essential. Where there isn’t a correspondingly named ExtendedProperty for that item, it will be highlighted red, and an error will show in the top part of the screen. Fig 2.3
    • If the value provided in an Extended Property doesn’t match one of the Tesco-mandated values, it will also be highlighted in red.
    • For missing, or incorrect information you can either:
      • Add the values into the form manually – This will not save the information in your Linnworks inventory for that item.
      • Close the Listing Tool and return to Linnworks to update the inventory data stored, before re-opening the Tesco Listing Tool, and following the instructions in this Guide.
  4. Submit item for induction. Fig 2.4
    • Once all the red entries have been cleared, use the Submit button to pass the item details for induction by Tesco.
Fig 2.1 List Config  Fig 2.2 Constant  Fig 2.3 Extended Property  
Fig 2.4 Extended Property  

Revising items for listings on the Tesco Marketplace

Revise Pricing

Revising prices on your listings is done via the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool or as a price update on Linnworks where price updated is enabled on the channel config.

  1. Open the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool.
  2. In the listing tool, left click the Listed tab.
  3. Locate the item to revise in the list, click edit. Fig 3.1
  4. If variations edit the individual child. Fig 3.3
  5. Amend the selling price. Fig3.2
  6. Click submit.
Fig 3.1 List EditFig 3.2 Constant Fig 3.3 Variation Edit

NB: Revising pricing in the method can only be done on an individual basis. To update pricing in bulk use Linnworks price update method.

Revise Item Details

Revising the general details of your listings is done via the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool. The Tool will not draw updated information from the inventory itself.

Updating item details is much the same as updating pricing directly on the listing tool.

  1. Open the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool.
  2. In the listing tool, left click the Listed tab.
  3. Locate the item to revise in the list, click edit.
  4. Amend the desired field
  5. Click submit

Revise Images

Revising an image can be done in two ways both directly on Linnworks. Either add a new image to the SKU or add images as extended properties with the name Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 etc (any other property name will not pull through to the tool).

  1. Once revised in Linnworks open the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool.
  2. In the listing tool, left click the Listed tab. Fig 4.1
  3. Locate the item to revise in the list, click edit.
  4. Select edit within the listing template. 
  5. Click refresh alongside the images (the images will change) Fig 4.2
  6. Close the edit screen
  7. Click submit Fig 4.3
Fig 4.1 List EditFig 4.2 Constant Fig 4.3 Variation Edit


Delete/ Suspend or Activate a Listing

  1. Open the Linnworks Tesco Listing Tool.
  2. Navigate to the listed tab.
  3. Select the appropriate listing
  4. Click Delete or Suspend which is located on the left above the listings. Fig 5.1
Fig 5.1 List EditFig 4.2 Constant

These steps will move the listing to the processing tab where it can take up to 15 minutes for Tesco to process the action.
Suspended listings will move back to the listing tab with its status set to Suspended.

To reactivate a suspended listing, select the listing and click on Activate under the same Listed tab. Fig 5.2

Deleted listings will move back to the not listed tab.

The major difference between suspending and deleting a listing is that the suspended listing will still be in the Tesco backend and only require an activate update to set the listing back to being live. With deleted listings the product is no longer on Tesco’s server and would require the full listing process to set the product live again.