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Tesco Inventory Synchronization and Mapping


Tesco Inventory Synchronization allows you to synchronize your stock levels with Tesco listings. The feature is designed to prevent you from overselling on Tesco when an item is sold on another channel (such as Amazon, eBay,, Magento or any other type of web-sites). It also makes it easy to take control of your listings on Tesco, as it will no longer be necessary to relist or adjust listings.

The system will perform the following tasks:

  • Revise the available quantity on Tesco to reflect your stock level;
  • End listing when stock level is 0;
  • Relist ended listing when stock level is greater than 0;

How to use

To enable Tesco inventory synchronization go to Settings -> Channel Integration. Fig 1.1

From this screen you can add, delete and modify selling channels that you wish Linnworks to integrate with.

To enable inventory synchronisation for your Tesco account click the coloured under the Enabled column to toggle between Red (Disabled) and Green (Enabled).


Fig 1.1  Settings

Mapping listings to inventory

For inventory synchronization to work you need to link listing to an inventory item. Click on the Mapping button next to your integrated Tesco account in Settings -> Channel Integration to bring up the Mapping tool. You then need to upload a CSV of your Tesco listings MerchantID's and GTIN's to view and modify the mapping, the CSV can be uploaded by selecting the Load from CSV option. The expected colum headers for this file are MerchantID (this is the Tesco SKU) and GTIN.


Once the CSV has been uploaded you will be able to view existing SKU mapping and add/remove SKU mapping.

How to use the Mapping Tool

  • All your listings are on the left hand side, you can search for products in the Linnworks inventory on the right hand side by typing a search term in the field provided and pressing Enter;
  • To link a product with the listing, select the listing on the left hand side and double click stock item on the right hand side;
  • To Unlink, right click on a listing and select Unlink
  • To search the list of listings use filters on the top of the grid;
  • Note that all actions are instantly saved on the database and we will start sending your stock levels to Tesco.

Minimum/Maximum Listed Quantities

You can import the minimum and maximum listed quanitites for your Tesco listings by selecting the Import Min/Max Quantities option within the Inventory Mapping screen, browsing to a CSV file and then selecting the columns you wish to include.

View Sync Status

You can view the Sync Status by right clicking on a listing. This option will display three more columns on the mapping screen. These new columns will show you when Linnworks last updated the quantity of the Tesco listing, and how many are listed on the site at the moment.