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Listing Tool

Tesco Listing Tool


Tesco Marketplace is an invite only marketplace, which enables sellers to market their products on Tesco Direct. 

For sellers using Linnworks to sell on Tesco’s Marketplace, Linnworks provides a separate tool to allow you to list products that you aren’t already selling.

The Tesco Listing tool for Linnworks is currently in Beta. The tool connects to your Linnworks database, allowing you to prepare and submit items to the Tesco Marketplace for listing. It also provides feedback where the listing request needs to be amended.


An active Tesco Marketplace account integrated with Linnworks.

Using the tool

Logging onto the Tesco Listing Tool will navigate to a window displaying a broad view of the various stages in the listing process. The configurator menu, submission of listings and induction display will remain constant while the listing stages each contain their own tabs.


Not listed - Window contains all SKUs in the users inventory on Linnworks that have not yet been listed on Tesco and contains three options:

  • Clear Config - Removes listing configurator templates previously associated with a SKU.
  • List with Config - Button used when creating listings in a particular configurator/category.
  • List - If a SKU has already been associated with a congifurator, use 'List' to submit the Listing.

Pending - This tab displays the listings queued to be sent to Tesco. Listing will be sent to Tesco based on the timer displayed at the top of the page, or if the user clicks 'Submit now'. 

Processing - These listings are currently being processed by Tesco. Time for processing depends on the type of job submitted. New products/ product data/ images typically take overnight to be processed while general listing updates can take up to 20 minutes on average.

With Errors - Contains any lisintgs deemed to contain an error during the processing stage. Double click the listing to display the error. TO remedy the errors:

  • Edit - Click edit to make the required changes and submit the listing again.
  • Export - Provides a CSV file containing the SKU(s) with it's error.
  • Delete Template - This option is used when the user needs to recreate the listing using a different configurator or just to restart the listing process. The SKU(s) will be moved back to the 'Not Listed' tab.

Listed - This tab contains all the SKUs currently listed on Tesco. Listings are manageable with edit button or post listing options such as suspend or delete a listing.

Feed Status - Dispalys an overview of items being processed and their current status.

Next Step

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