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Tesco Cancellations, Returns and Refunds


This guide explains how to process cancellations, returns and refunds for Tesco orders.

Order Cancellation

To cancel a Tesco order, right click on the order from within the Open Orders screen and select Actions > Cancel Order. You will then need to select a cancellation reason from the drop-down menu before clicking OK.

If you would like to partially cancel an order, it will need to be split before the cancellation is processed. This can be done using the documentation available here.

Once the order has been cancelled in Linnworks, the cancellation will be sent to Tesco and no further action is required.

 Cancel Order

Order Returns

To mark an item as returned from the processed orders screen, right click the order and select Action Return Order Item. You will then need to select New Return before clicking on the item that has been returned. You will then have several fields that need to be filled out:

  • Return Quantity: This is the quantity of the item that has been returned.
  • Return to Location: This specified the location the stock has been returned to and is now located in.
  • Refund: This allows you to refund the order at the same time as processing the return. In here you should enter the amount you would like to refund to the buyer.
  • Scrap Item(s): If the item is not fit for resale (i.e. It is damaged), you should tick this box.
  • Reason: This is where you specify the reasons for the return.

Once all fields have been completed, click the Create Return option and click Yes to the prompt. The return information will then be sent to Tesco and no further action is required.

 Return Order

Order Refunds

To refund a Tesco order, right click on the order from within the Processed Orders screen and select Actions > Refunds. You will then need to select a return reason from the Add New Reason column for each item being refunded, the amount to be refunded in the Add Refund column and the amount of items being refunded in the Add Qty to Refund column. Once this has been done click Apply to complete the refund.

Once the refund has been proceed within Linnworks, the refund informaton will be sent directly to Tesco.

Please note: If there is a shipping cost to be refunded it will appear as a separate line. The amount to be refunded needs to be entered in the Add Refund column, and '1' entered in the Add Qty to Refund. Shippping refund can only be sent in addiition to at least one SKU and not as a stand alone refund.
 Refund Order