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USPS - Endicia Dazzle - Integration - Bulk Print USPS shipping labels automatically


Linnworks integrates with Endicia Dazzle for United States Postal Service shipping integration. The process of printing labels for your Amazon, eBay and website orders is made very simple as Linnworks can talk directly with Endicia Dazzle and print shipping labels at a click of a button.


To setup and configure Endicia Dazzle Integration

  • Go to Settings > Shipping Management
  • Click USPS – Endicia Dazzle
  • Select the path for Endicia Dazzle software on your PC
  • click Install Default Settings
  • The System will automatically populate the list of available services


Note: Endicia Dazzle allows you to have different label layouts for different services. You will need to allocate the appropriate layout by selecting layout path in the Endicia Dazzle integration screen. You may find the labels are located in 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Endicia\Dazzle' instead of the default location of 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Endicia\Dazzle'.
Please also note, if your initial test label doesn't print, check in the list of running programs on the taskbar if there is a message box from Dazzle. This may warn that the XML input method is not enabled for your account and give you instructions to address this.


Printing Labels

Printing Labels is as simple as selecting an order which is assigned to USPS service that is linked to Endicia Dazzle, from the Open Orders screen in Linnworks and clicking Print Label.
Linnworks will instruct Endicia Dazzle to print a label, and obtain and record the tracking number so that it can be uploaded back to the channel once the order is processed/shipped.


Consolidator Labels

In some cases, Endicia Dazzle supports consolidator labels. The supported methods are: Parcel Select, Library Mail and Media Mail. To apply a consolidator label to a postal service, check the Is Consolidator Label check box in the postal service config. 


Rubber Stamps

You can include custom information on an endicia shipping label.  Label layouts are defined within Dazzle so you will need to set them up in the format that you require and then assign this layout to a service within Linnworks. Following information can be added to the layout using different Rubber Stamps. 

  • RubberStamp1 - LinnworksOrderId
  • RubberStamp2 - All SKUs in Order
  • RubberStamp3 - Items without composite child items
  • RubberStamp4 - Package Category
  • RubberStamp5 - Order Source + Reference Number