Linnworks Archived Webinars

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Linnworks Demo

10/07/2014, presented by Charlie McBroom

The main purpose of the webinar will be to get all new customers familiar with the software by covering basic configuration steps:

Part 1: Selling channels integration, Data Import and Inventory Management.

  • Channels Integration (ebay, Amazon, web-site)
  • "My Inventory" screen overview
  • Data import
  • Mapping (Linking)

Part 2: Order Management.

  • “Open Orders” screen overview
  • Template Designer (Invoice Creation)
  • Order Processing in Linnworks
  • “Processed Orders” screen overview
  • Post-sale functionality overview (i.e. returns/refunds)
  • "Purchase Orders" screen overview, "JIT" Ordering


Scripting in Linnworks

2/10/2011, presented by Fedor

Scripting allows you to inject your own automation behaviour directly into Linnworks operational flow. In another words you can write your own scripts and get Linnworks to do some automated tasks. In this webinar we will demonstrate scripting functionality, highlight its potential in automating your business processes and look into several sample scripts.


  • What are scripts and how to create them?
  • Syntax and access to objects in scripts
  • Look at some sample scripts

Sample Scripts

  • Simple shipping service allocation
  • Generic macro scripting - email low stock report once a day
  • Order folder allocation - Order script
  • Order splitting by available stock from a specific folder - Order Script
  • Request feedback email to a AMAZON or EBAY customer after 10 days


LinnLive2 Demonstration Webinar

29/10/2012, presented by Ross

The main purpose of the webinar will be to get all new and existing customers familiar with the LinnLive2 by covering configuration step:

  • Generation of listings on Amazon
  • Generation of listings on ebay
  • Generation of listings on Magento web-site
  • Adjustments and revisions of listings
  • Variations
  • Mapping

Template Desiger

8/01/2014, presented by Joshua Neale

In this webinar, we cover our Template Designer, and show off some of the key functionality available to customise your printable documents:

  • A brief introduction the Template Designer layout
  • Creating and customising an Invoice
  • Using Integrated Label Paper
  • Modifying Pick Lists and Packing Lists
  • Setting up Printing Conditions


EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale)

22/01/2014, presented by Joshua Neale

In this webinar, we cover some of the key functionality available in our free EPOS client, included with all versions of Linnworks. We’ll be showing:

  • A brief introduction to the EPOS Client
  • Starting a New Day and the System Cache
  • Application Settings
  • Making a Sale
  • Receipts and Refunds
  • Discounts and Vouchers

Linnworks Warehouse Transfer

2/07/2014, presented by Fedor

The purpose of this guide is to walk through step by step the complete process of transferring stock from one location to another. We’ll be showing:

  • Transferring Stock between 2 physical Warehouses located in various geographical locations using a shipping carrier.
  • 2 Locations within a Warehouse, where one location actions a return.
You can already track stock levels across multiple warehouses or physical locations.

Warehouse Transfer gives you the ability to track stock movements between those locations as well, including what stage the transfer is at.