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    Linnworks as a MultiChannel Software package allows linking of your listings from multiple selling channels to items in your Linnworks Inventory enabling use of a common interface.
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    Inventory Management
    By automating the Inventory Management process with Linnworks, you save time and money, achieve a faster update, to avoid the risks of over selling or over-ordering.
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    A fully-featured Order-Management software to help you do everything in one place, with one interface. From 1 to 1000 orders you can apply changes, print, email and process orders quickly.
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    Shipping Management
    Our Shipping Management functionality allows you to integrate many major shipping providers directly into your order workflow and easily automate the production of labels.
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    Bulk Listing Tool
    LinnLive is provided with Linnworks Anywhere, and is a bulk listing tool that allows you to list multiple products, and update listings on your selling channels with only a few mouse clicks.
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    Installing Linnworks
    Simply click on the Free Trial button to sign up for an account, receive an authorisation code, download and install to start working wth Linnworks today.
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    Configure Linnworks to suit your business needs with flexible settings for automation, emails, fulfilment centers, scripting, synchronisation, templates and user management.
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    Our EPOS software integrates into the Linnworks system seamlessly, allowing your Brick and Mortar shop to be included with your online channel order and inventory level management.
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    Built in reports and Linnworks Analytics allows creation of detailed, customised reports from the product and sales data in your Linnworks to look for trends in your business.
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    A suite of powerful functions included as standard, such as automated tasks through scripting and conditional email notifications for order dispatch, returns and exchange bookings.