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Linnworks has many options which allow the end user to configure the application to suit their own business needs. Some of these configurable options are briefly described below along with links to more detailed documentation.

Synchronisation in Linnworks is the process that keeps all integrated channels up-to-date. When a synchronisation is performed Linnworks interacts with all of the integrated selling channels and performs the tasks that have been set up in each channel’s Config. The synchronisation can be configured to run on demand (Manual), at timed intervals (Local Sync) on one of your own Pc's or as a completely automated task (Autonomous Sync) running on Linn systems servers.
Synchronisation Manual Sync Local Sync Autonomous Synchronisation
Automation allows the Linnworks Synchronisation Process to be configured to automatically Import Data and Export Data in the form of CSV files from local Pc/network drives, ftp or http locations. It is also possible to automatically run an External Application as part of the synchronisation process for situations such as converting XML files to CSV for import
Data Import Data Export External Application Adhoc Export
The scripting and macro engines built into Linnworks allow the end user to inject their own automation behaviour into the system to be executed during synchronisation. Scripts work on individual orders for tasks such as auto assigning shipping or fulfilment locations, whereas a macro runs once during a sync to run a set of automated tasks such as feedback email requests or your own automated import routines.
Scripting Samples Macros Samples
Clear communication is key whether it be creating paperwork for internal or customer use, emailing clients and suppliers or receiving notifications regarding the status of listings and inventory. Linnworks includes the tools to configure both the design and content, enabling the provision of clear and accurate data.
Template Designer Expressions Email Advisor
FBA and Fulfilment Centres / Drop Shipping
Links directly to Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) allows order to either automatically or manually allocated, where Amazon will ship the order and update Linnworks with the status of the order. Fulfilment Centre functionality offers the same features as FBA, but  through FTP communications for submitting and receiving of orders and inventory levels
Fulfilment Centers FTP flat file Order Export/Import
Access and Account Management
Control of who can access your Linnworks account can be configures so that permission levels can be set for different users along with the ability (depending on subscribed plan type) to communicate with Linnworks through the API or directly with the SQL database.
Account User Management API SQL