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Inventory Management & Stock Control

Linnworks is designed to control Inventory by tracking the quantity of products sold, specifically for businesses selling online. The fundamental functionality of inventory control is to add stock levels for products when you acquire new stock by buying goods from your supplier and deducting stock levels when you make a sale. For businesses selling online across multiple channels (Amazon, eBay, etc) Linnworks becomes an essential tool which allows stock changes due a sale on one channel to be reflected in the available levels for another channel without the need for manual intervention.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders within Linnworks allows you to log and record what you are ordering in from suppliers to replenish your stock. The Purchase Orders functionality is very flexible and can be used to fully track your supply chain process from start to finish or to handle individual aspects such as raising purchase orders, emailing suppliers and managing Just-In-Time reordering.

Managing Inventory

Linnworks Inventory management provides the tools to contain all the required data to define stock with unique data to manage levels, supplier data and create individual or variation listings

Synchronising with Selling Channels

Linnworks acts as a central repository for inventory so that Linnworks can synchronise stock levels across all channels. When a sale is made on one channel; this results in a stock level change and Linnworks will update all the venues to indicate that one of the sold items is no longer available