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Shipping Management

Shipping management allows for the printing of postage labels for current orders directly using the customer’s delivery information. In the case of multichannel order management, Linnworks will record the tracking numbers for the consignments and will submit the parcel tracking information to the channel once the order is fulfilled.

There are 4 key steps when setting up shipping management for Linnworks
1.Create Linnworks Postal Service Methods
2.Map channel shipping services to Linnworks Postal Service Method
3.Integrate the required couriers
4.Map the Linnworks Postal Service Method to the required courier Postal Service.
Allocating postal service to orders
There are number of ways an appropriate postal service can be allocated to an order in Linnworks.
  • Automatically when an order is downloaded – when an order is downloaded Linnworks will use the shipping mapping as defined in the channel config to automatically assign the required Linnworks Postal Service Method to the order.
  • Automatically using an Order Script – when an order is received, Linnworks can run an order script which will apply a bespoke rule-set to allocate the shipping service to meet a merchants unique business rules.
  • Manually – Orders can be manually to Linnworks Postal services manually after the order has been downloaded by simply Right-clicking on the order in the Open Orders screen, and selecting the required service from the pop-out menu.
Type of shipping labels
There are essentially 3 type of shipping labels
  • Printed directly to a printer. This can be generic label or a label generated by a carrier.
  • Label generated as PDF.
  • Shipping label embedded onto the invoice or a packing slip on the integrated label tear-off/peel-off section of the invoice (available only for supported carriers)