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eBay - Add New Integration

eBay Channel Setup


This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your eBay account with Linnworks. Once fully integrated, Linnworks provides the ability to :~

  • Automatically download new orders from eBay
  • Mark items as dispatched on eBay
  • Send out confirmation emails to eBay registered email address
  • End listings on eBay if you run out of stock
  • Automatically relist items which are linked to stock
  • Revise listing to adjust quantity available
  • Download product information from eBay



  • To integrate eBay into Linnworks you must have your eBay Account credentials ready, as you will be using them to log into eBay and complete the integration.


Quick Guide to Integration Process

  • 1. Settings -> Channel Integration -> Add New Channel
  • 2. eBay -> Select required Site and enter your eBay User Name
  • 3. Click Authorize through eBay -> Sign In
  • 4. Read through and accept the Terms and Conditions to grant API access to your account


Detailed Guide to Integration Process

1. Settings -> Channel Integration -> Add New Channel

    • In Linnworks, click Settings (Fig 2.1)
    • Click Channel Integration (Fig 2.2)
    • Click Add New Channel (Fig 2.3)
    Fig 2.1    Fig 2.2    Fig 2.3 

    You will be presented with the eBay Account Setup screen, which will walk you through the process of integrating your eBay account with Linnworks. Select the site location and enter your eBay user name before pressing the Authorize through eBay button.

    Your default browser will direct you to the eBay sign in page, where you can grant Linnworks access to your eBay account.


    Log in with the account you wish to integrate and, after reading through the terms and conditions, click I agree (If you agree) to allow Linnworks to communicate with your account.

    [Warning] Make sure you login with the correct account.