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Add New Integration


This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate your Rakuten store with Linnworks. 

  • For full details on the features offered by this integration along with the prerequisite refer to the following guide
  • Quick Guide

    1. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration
    2. Click on Add New Channel -> Select Integrate next to Rakuten
    3. Enter your Account Name and other details into the Rakuten New Account Screen
    4. Click Test
    5. Click Create

    Detailed Guide

    1. Settings -> Channel Integration.

    • Login to Linnworks.
    • Select the Settings tab at the top of the screen. Fig 1.1
    • Select Channel Integration. Fig 1.2
    Fig 1.1 Settings Fig 1.2  Channel Integration

    2. Add New Channel -> Integrate


    • Click on the Add New Channel button. Fig 2.1
    • Click on the Integrate button next to Rakuten. Fig 2.2
    Fig 2.1 Add New Channel  Fig 2.2  Integrate Rakuten

    3. Enter Account Credentials

    • The Account Name is a unique reference identifying your integration in Linnworks
    • The Marketplace Identifier must be entered as specified (eg for a UK store, enter 'uk' in lower case)
    • The Shop URL is the unique name of your Rakuten Store (you do not need to enter the whole URL here, just the part with your unique store name - e.g. MyAmazingStore from
    • The Authentication Key is provided by Rakuten

    Fig 3.1 New Account Settings

    4. Test Credentials

    • Click Test to confirn the credentials have been entered correctly, Fig 4.1
    • If you receive any errors, then please contact support. 
    Fig 4.1 Test New Account Settings

    5. Create Integration

    • Click Create to save the settings. Fig 5.1
    Fig 5.1 Create Account

    Configure Integration

    Once the account has been created it is important to configure how Linnworks will work with the integration, refer to the following guide to configure the integration